Color Grabs Attention

Designing promotional materials for any business is both challenging and fun. Designing an effective promotional piece such as a catalog or brochure, it is important to have a clear understanding of the company’s corporate image, target audience, the product or service offering(s), and the competition. Color grabs attention and once the research is complete it’s time to move on to the design process.

Making Color Choices

Colors play an important role in advertising. They evoke emotion, convey a corporate or brand image, identify themes and highlight areas of importance that can be used to demonstrate differences. Colors are not only different visually, they also provide various emotional responses.

Green - Profit

Let’s review the color green. Green is typically used in the financial industry.  A soothing color, green represents profit.

Medical WarningThe color green as an indicator of infection to health care professionals. Therefor the color green, when used in a health care brochure, may result in lower sales and lower the interest of a company’s products or services.

Before designing do a little color psychology research. Understanding the industry, target audience, products and services as well as color psychology, the next advertising campaign is sure to be a success!

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