Printing Custom Notepads

Let’s face it, everyone is in need of notepads on a daily basis and what better way to be in front of customers than by providing them with free notepads. A well designed notepad is a great way to promote your business. Custom notepads are affordable no matter how large or small the budget.

Due to the fact that there are many notepad design options to choose from, Print Lion does not offer standard notepad printing. All notepad printing orders are custom, allowing businesses to create their own notepad creation.

The most important notepad design element is that the business name or logo be included. Providing additional phone, email, address, website and social media icons provides customers with easy contact information.

The standard notepad size is 4″x4″, however many businesses are designing notepads as large as 11″x4.5″. When notepad designing, consider what the pad is to be used for. Will it be beneficial to add lines or leave the pad blank? The choice is up to you. A yearly calendar that is added to the notepad is an addition that many users appreciate.

A colorful notepad stands out and gets you noticed! Print a notepad on colored paper or add color through graphic design elements. It has been shown that color attracts attention, thus aiding in brand awareness and recognition.

Print Lion offers professional notepad design and printing services. If you would like to promote your business using notepads, request a free quote or visit Print Lion today and get started!

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