Get in Touch with Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards are not only used for special occasions, they make great invitations and thank you cards as well. Before reaching out to new and existing customers, give greeting cards some consideration.

Designing Greeting Cards

When starting to design a greeting card, develop a theme first. Once the theme is developed, write a message that is related to that theme. There are several ways in which a theme can be written; whimsical, simple or religious in nature. Write a theme that is pertinent to the greeting card audience.

The standard greeting card size is 10×7 folded to 5×7 and several color options are available to choose from. A 4/0 color option is used for greeting cards that are designed without an inside message. The 4/BLK is used for cards with black text messaging and the 4/4 color option is used for cards that incorporate color into the cover and interior message.

There are two cover coating options that are available to greeting card printing. The standard option is a Gloss coating. This option is suitable for all cards and permits special messages to be written on the cards front cover. The UV coating provides a more professional appearance, yet does not allow the user to write on the greeting cards front and back covers.

Printing Greeting Cards

When the greeting cards design is completed, the online printing order can be placed. When choosing an online printing company, compare price, quality and printing specifications between online printers. Not all printers are the same, so be sure to choose the printer that meets your specific printing requirements. Printing and mailing times vary. It is important to pay special attention to these specific options in order to receive the order in ample time.

Print greeting cards online at Print Lion.  Printing can be completed in as little as one business day. Contact us today or call 1-800-257-8830 to speak with a printing professional about your next greeting card design or print project.

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