The Importance of Logo Design

Designing a logo is often times a frustrating process. Logo’s that are successful must be memorable, easy to describe, and effective with or without color. A successful logo must also be scalable. Before starting the design process, it is important to have a clear vision of what the logo represents. Research the company that the logo is being designed for in order to identify the corporate philosophy, mission and product or service offerings. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Meet with company management and inquire about their products or services. Learn how they differ from the competition? What keywords are used to best describe the company logo? Once a clear understanding of the business, its philosophy, goals and offerings is achieved the logo design process may begin.

Incorporating Color and Shape

Color and shape play an integral part of a logo’s design and choosing the design elements are drawn from inspiration. In order to simplify the process review design books, websites or even local surroundings to stimulate design creativity. Examine the shapes of products and if applicable watch sports video’s. A theme may arise that could trigger some form of inspiration.

Sketch the design first before beginning the electronic design process. Sketching is a free flowing process that allows the designer to put all design ideas on paper. These ideas can then be improved and possibly combined.

Once the building blocks of the design are set  it is then time to begin the computer aided design process. Focus on the mark itself and avoid color during the initial design process. Design in black and white. Color can be added later in the process.

Work with the client and present several design options as well as request feedback. Working with the client throughout the logo design process not only gains their trust it also helps the development of a successful logo design.

Once the client has selected their favorite designs it is then time to begin adding color. At this stage of the game the client may also offer additional design suggestions that may be help improve the logo’s design.

When the design is more than 75% complete, font variation and color combination options may be improved upon. Once complete, choose at least 3 logo design options and present them to the client, along with several color and font options for each design.

After the logo is finalized, the revision process begins. Make any changes necessary that will enhance the overall design. When these changes are made, present the final version to the client for further approval. Mock up materials of letterhead that incorporate the new logo design are also helpful. This visual illustrates how the new logo will enhance their marketing campaign.

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