Create a Buzz with Rack Cards

Rack Cards are seen on a daily basis whether we realize it or not. Patrons of restaurants, especially those located in tourist destinations, are greeted by rack cards as soon as they enter the door. Hotel lobbies are also prime locations used by local businesses to promote products or services.

Popular Locations for Rack Cards

  • Tourist Centers – The objective of the tourist center is to provide visitors with local area attractions, enhancing their visiting experience. Tourist rack cards can be found prominently in rack card display racks.
  • Rest Stops – A majority of highway rest stops also include visitor centers. This is a great place to display rack cards, as the number of potential contacts is often too numerous to count.
  • Camp Grounds – Check in to almost any camp ground and you’ll notice a rack filled with rack cards. Camp ground managers want to ensure that your stay is as enjoyable as possible.
  • State Parks – Families enjoy spending time together hiking, enjoying nature and the beauty it has to offer. They often spend nights or weekends camping in State Parks. To ensure that visitors enjoy their stay, parks are providing rack cards that are used as handy guides and information pieces. These cards are easy to carry and quick to review.
  • Museums – Museums are finding that rack cards are great, low-cost, promotional pieces. A well designed card are used to promote upcoming exhibits. They are larger than a postcard and feature images more prominently.

No matter where you go, the chances of being exposed to rack cards are more likely than not. The professionals at Print Lion can help design, market and print high quality, full color rack cards for your business. Call 1-800-257-8830 today and learn more.

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